The word ‘Slow’ used to have so many unconscious derogatory meanings for me. Unproductive, or lacking, lagging behind, stupid. I used to turn my nose up at slowness, because somehow along the way I learned that going slowly went against all the things I had been taught about how I should live my life. 

A silver lining of this strange year, for me, has been that slowness is actually a really really important part of my life. Going slowly has helped me to learn how to listen to my heart more closely, allowing me to make better decisions. And it’s also helping me to be more present with others, which has really been helping me to feel more connected and less anxious. It’s also been helping me to let go of my perceived need to always push myself to achieve. And it’s got me doing things I’d been neglecting, like gardening and cooking and playing my guitar. I realise that going slowly may not be the right thing or even possible for everyone at the moment. But it’s been a beautiful change for me that I’m really thankful for. 

I hope that you are all finding your rhythm through these uncertain times. 

Love, Lucy