1. Old Friend


My dear old friend, we’re older by the day
But when I see your beaming face it all feels just the same
As it did when I was nineteen, you were twenty-one
The bats flew over Carlton skies
Our lives had just begun

Twelve doors down from your house to mine
And every week on Brunswick Street we’d dance into the night
And I was kind of scared, you were wild and free
You told me I could be myself, it took a while for me

As we grow older will you let me know you
And I will try to let you know me too
If friends were flowers with magical powers
You know I’d try to pick a bunch like you

Ten years on, how the time has flown
I don’t see you as often now, but through it all we’ve grown
Like the lilies in the undergrowth, and marigolds so bold
We’ll shiver through the chilly winds and onto the sun we’ll hold