Lucy Wise’s natural singing and warm stage presence have captivated audiences across Australia, NZ, the US and the UK. Her distinctive vocal sound and instrumental backing draw on acoustic, traditional folk, roots and pop musical influences. Lucy describes in rich detail what it’s like to live in the world at this particular time, weaving a strong sense of place into her music. She sings about growing up, love of all kinds, city life, country towns, beaches and bushlands, her intricate guitar work providing a vibrant backdrop. Lucy’s fourth album, Into The Blue won Best Folk Work in the 2023 Music Victoria Awards, and she was a finalist in the 2023 Australian Folk Music Awards for Best Contemporary Folk Album and the People's Choice Award.

Praise for Lucy's Music:
“Wise is a natural storyteller, infusing songs with a sense of place so strong you can almost feel the dusty earth crunch beneath your feet as she sings,” - The Brag. 

Into The Blue (2023):
"A work of great depth and beauty" - Ruth Hazleton

Winter Sun (2018): 
“A wonderful representation of healing, self discovery and the processes of becoming grounded and learning self worth…It is no secret that Lucy is a gifted writer, but “Winter Sun” will have you experiencing a new sense of empathy and have you walking in her shoes from track one.” - 27 Magazine.