Lucy Wise is a Central VIC-based singer-songwriter whose songs carry a powerful sense of connection with the stories and places that make us who we are. From the age of 7, Lucy performed around Australia and internationally in ‘The Wise Family Band’ where she began to grow her own unique voice. Her lyrics and melodies are warm and heartfelt, referencing the folk music she grew up playing, and tell stories of love, healing and relationships with our environment. She is a cherished artist at festivals across Australia. 

Lucy has toured 3 albums and 2 EPs in Australia, NZ, the USA & the UK since 2010, and in 2021 she was nominated in the Music Victoria Awards’ ‘Best Folk Act’ category. She is currently recording her fourth album. 

“Wise is a natural storyteller, infusing songs with a sense of place so strong you can almost feel the dusty earth crunch beneath your feet as she sings,” says The Brag.

Praise for Winter Sun:
“A wonderful representation of healing, self discovery and the processes of becoming grounded and learning self worth…It is no secret that Lucy is a gifted writer, but “Winter Sun” will have you experiencing a new sense of empathy and have you walking in her shoes from track one,” says 27 Magazine.