A natural storyteller who infuses songs with a sense of place so strong you can almost feel the dusty earth crunch beneath your feet as she sings” - The Brag


 Lucy Wise writes original folk songs about love, friendships, healing and relationships with our environment. She is loved for her stunning vocals, intricate instrumental playing and poetic lyricism.

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Lucy Wise’s whimsical contemporary folk sound has won the hearts of audiences across Australia, NZ, the USA and the UK. She explores themes of love, the natural world, friendship and healing with disarming honesty, and accompanies her stunningly pure vocals with fingerpicked guitar, ukulele, and Appalachian dulcimer. Lucy’s 2018 album, “Winter Sun” was received with critical acclaim: a 4.5 star review in the Weekend Australian and was a finalist for The Age Music Victoria Awards’ Best Folk or Roots Album. Lucy is currently recording her fourth album, to be released in 2022.

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Starting in May 2020, I am recording and gradually releasing my new album, one song/video at a time. I am focusing on creating a series of videos that my fans can watch at any time. With your help I can make these recordings and videos as shiny and beautiful as they can be! (Photo by Barry Toranto).

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